4 Tips on How to Find Your Dream Decor Style

Have you been mining Pinterest for home decor ideas but keep getting lost in the weeds? Do you feel like your home decor style changes every time you start browsing or spend hours walking through IKEA? We’ve got you. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide covering 4 tips on how to find your dream decor style!

First ask yourself, “How do I want my space to feel?”

How to Find Your Dream Decor Style - Feeling Words #dreamdecor #decorstyle #styleguide #decorstyleguide

It may help to sit down and write down the top three feeling words that relate to how you WISH your space felt. Maybe your space is overwhelming or underwhelming you. Ask yourself why. What is the opposite of that feeling for you, that you wish your space could make you feel?

Next, ask yourself what colors help you feel this way. What colors are you typically drawn to that make you feel at home?

Color Palette #dreamdecor #decorstyle #styleguide #decorstyleguide

Think about your favorite item of clothing that you LOVE because of the color. Which crayon in the crayon box brings you the most joy?

Now, ask yourself, “What is my favorite piece of decor that I own?”

Minimalist Decor Style #dreamdecor #decorstyle #styleguide #decorstyleguide

Is it a favorite handmade ceramic pot, mid-century modern mirror, or beautifully knit throw blanket? Is it your favorite antique dresser or minimalist wall hanging? Maybe it’s a piece of art you own, or a favorite wicker basket from a street fair or thrift store you visited.

Describe that piece of decor, and why is it your favorite? Why do you love having it in your space so much? What about it makes it feel like YOU?

Decor Style Examples 
#dreamdecor #decorstyle #styleguide #decorstyleguide

After doing some soul searching over your favorite piece, or pieces, of decor, use those descriptive terms to search for more like it, either on Pinterest or in your favorite online shop or marketplace. Hopefully this exercise helps you find your unique dream decor style!

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