Top 3 Self-Care Ideas for Fall

What can we say, we love fall! We especially love all the vibrant fragrances of this season. From dried flowers and plants to warm spices, the scents of autumn conjure up many wonderful memories of playing in leaves, pumpkin picking, and drinking hot cider.

We highly recommend partaking in a little self-care this fall by indulging in products that bring to mind all the warm fuzzies of this time of year.  

Here are our top 3 self-care ideas for fall that we hope you can vibe with!

Keep Yourself Well

Top 3 Self-Care Ideas for Fall #fallselfcare #selfcareproducts #staywell

Cider Fire Oxymel from The Wilderness Maven

Fire Cider is a traditional remedy containing many immune-boosting herbs. There are as many unique fire cider recipes as there are people making it!

This fire cider is packed with ingredients that provide support for a stronger immune system, like raw apple cider vinegar with Mother, raw Oregon wildflower farmland honey, turmeric root, ginger root, and more. It’s spicy and warming and just a little bit sweet, and the perfect tonic for a chilly fall day when you need a boost. Grab this Oxymel from The Wilderness Maven, who uses organically grown and wild harvested medicinal botanicals to make clean herbal supplements.

Top 3 Self-Care Ideas for Fall #fallselfcare #selfcareproducts #staywell

Or grab her Maiden Mother Crone Oxymel, a nutrient-rich tonic that supports women’s health and hormones. Maiden Mother features nettles for iron, goji berries for antioxidants, milk thistle for liver and brain support, and raspberry leaf for reproductive system support.

Stay Moisturized

Top 3 Self-Care Ideas for Fall #fallselfcare #selfcareproducts #handmadesoap

Vegan Chai Latte Coconut Milk Soap from the St. Vrain Soap Co.

Handcrafted in beautiful Colorado, St. Vrain’s soaps are 100% natural and made without palm oil. For the sweet smells of fall, we recommend their Vegan Chai Latte Coconut Milk Soap with warm note of chai spices, black tea, and cocoa powder, or their Orange Blossom Coconut Milk Soap with luscious notes of neroli, bergamot, and citrus. This artisan soap is made using the traditional cold process method to create a rich and moisturizing soap for the cooler months ahead. With several handmade, moisturizing and aromatic soaps to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

Top 3 Self-Care Ideas for Fall #fallselfcare #selfcareproducts #bathsalts

Bath Salts from The Wilderness Maven

Bath salts are so much more than just a luxury item. This health-promoting ritual of adding bath salts to your soak soothes the muscles, hydrates the skin, detoxifies the body, and reduces internal swelling. The macro and trace minerals found in salts are necessary for our health and can actually be drawn into the bloodstream during a warm bath, which can help to balance out the whole body. They promote silkier skin, a better night’s sleep, and detoxification.

Soaking in a warm salt solution improves skin barrier function, hydrating the skin, and decreasing inflammation. The minerals found within a salt bath also promote more youthful, glowing skin by purging impurities from the skin and balancing skin moisture levels. Bath salts help to increase overall circulation throughout the body which helps to relax our internal systems. Grab these Bath Salts from The Wilderness Maven, which feature calendula, frankincense, rose, and geranium!

Surround Yourself with Fall Aromas

Top 3 Self-Care Ideas for Fall #fallselfcare #selfcareproducts #fallcandles

Days of Fall Candle from Cultura Candle Co.

Created for a love of making houses smell great, Cultura Candle Co. offers fragrances that wrap you up like a warm blanket, literally. Their Warm Blanket candle features top scents of fresh air, flannel, and lemon peel, middle scents of sweet honeysuckle, violet petals, and green leaves, and base scents of vanilla bean, white musk, and blonde woods. Their Days of Fall candle, with notes of oak, citrus, and golden amber, will make your house smell like a walk through a color-changing forest. Click here to shop the whole Fall Collection!

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Top 3 Self-Care Ideas for Fall #fallselfcare #selfcareproducts
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  • Reply Jenisha

    I love that bath salt and fragrance candle. These two set the perfect mood for fall.

    September 8, 2020 at 7:00 am
  • Reply Lacey

    There is no season I adore more than Fall! Great tips for self-care and I love how you featured small brands and organic hand made products.

    September 8, 2020 at 5:46 pm
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