Boho Wall Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Want to showcase art and home decor pieces that are eclectic but still represent your free-spirited lifestyle and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home? Here are some simple boho wall decor ideas to elevate your space!

Decorate with Woven Plates, Bowls, and Baskets

Creating a gallery wall of woven plates, bowls, and baskets can give your space the perfect boho inspired look! You can typically find these in thrift shops and vintage shops online, and for fairly affordable prices. You definitely don’t need to break the bank to start a collection of these. The greatest thing about these? Endless possibilities for wall arrangements!

Yellow Macrame Wall Hanging from Erel Fiberart

Decorate with Macrame Wall Hangings

Even just having one macrame wall hanging on your wall can really change your space! Jazz it up with fun colors or find a neutral tone piece, depending on the season, your mood, or your decor goals. There are a lot of great handmade pieces out there, such as the yellow macrame wall hanging pictured above from Erel Fiberart!

Decorate with Mirrors!

Mirrors are a great because they help brighten your space. If you have lots of green plants or fun boho patterned fabrics in your room, having mirrors on the wall can help reflect these hues throughout your space and help your space feel bigger than it really is. Mirrors are ideal for smaller spaces, and you can often find them at second-hand stores ready to re-paint!

White Moon Phases Wall Hanging from Whimsyjuice

Decorate with Moon Phase Wall Hangings

Moon phase art and moon phase wall hangings are the newest trend in the boho wall art world! If you’re the moon child we know you are, investing in one or two moon phase pieces to add to your boho wall decor makes a lot of sense. Make sure to check out the beautiful moon phase wall hangings from Whimsyjuice, like the one pictured above. Anna makes them in almost every color!

Kintsugi Fine Art by Siroh & Ivy

Decorate with White & Gold Wall Art

White and gold wall art is one of the biggest boho trends. If you have neutral colored decor, some white and gold wall art would be the perfect wall accent! Make sure to check out some of the white and gold wall art pieces by Siroh & Ivy if you’re looking to add to or start your collection.

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Boho Wall Decor Ideas to Elevate Your Space
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