7 Ways to Elevate Your Airbnb Decor

Are you searching for ways to elevate your Airbnb decor to get more trips booked? Finding the essentials is easy – but making your space look GREAT is an art! Investing in local handcrafted goods, or one-of-a-kind items, can definitely add a much needed touch to attract longer-staying, happier guests. Here are our 7 ways to elevate your Airbnb decor!

  1. Add fresh flowers upon your guests’ arrival. Having a quality vase on hand can be helpful! This one from Moffat Claycraft is neutral and able to fit in with most decor.

2. Add faux plants and flowers if you don’t have the time to get fresh ones, or don’t have time to water them often. These felt flowers from Whitmarsh Felt Florals are perfect. Put them in that vase of yours and forget about them!

3. Not into flowers? Add a neutral boho plant vibe with these beautiful macrame plant hangers from Erel Fiberart! These make it easy to water your plants, and you can always add easy-to-care for ones like a good Pothos.

4. Looking for wall decor that doesn’t involve keeping something alive? Grab yourself a beautiful moon phase wall hanging from Whimsyjuice! These wall hangings are easy to add to that empty wall of yours, and will definitely add a nice photographable touch to your Airbnb space.

5. Struggling to make your Airbnb space more cozy? Grab one of these chunky knit blankets from the Magnolia Wool Company for a that cozy touch with a side of luxury!

6. Speaking of luxury, adding a beautifully designed and hand-poured candle to your space is the perfect way to elevate your Airbnb decor while also making your guests feel like they’re away at a resort or spa! These White Tea candles from Cultura Candle Co are the same signature scent that guests staying at any Westin Hotel & Resort experience when they first enter the lobby.

7. Our last tip for how to elevate your Airbnb decor? Make sure you have some great mugs around for coffee that are both beautiful and functional! Ever been to an Airbnb where they didn’t have mugs? Or they only had mugs in one size? Make sure you have something for everyone, especially the coffee and tea lovers! This handcrafted espresso mug set from Moffat Claycraft is the perfect addition.

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