10 Tips for How to Choose Art for Your Home Gallery Wall

Do you struggle with how to choose art for your home gallery wall? We’ve got you. Here are 10 tips to help you choose the right art for that tricky wall.

Choose Art that Complements Your Home Decor

For the room you’re planning the gallery wall for, what is your decor style in that room (Not sure? Check out our other post on how to find your dream decor style)? Is it eclectic, bohemian, mid-century modern? Aiming for that 1920’s vibe to hit off the new decade? Maybe a more minimal look? This can help you determine what kind of art might fall in line with the rest of your decor style.

Hand Embroidered Moon Patch by Michelle Hawran

Think About Color

You might want to complement the colors in your space, or draw the eye with some opposing colors that might contrast with your current decor or wall color. Maybe there’s an accent color you really vibe with that you want to see more of in your room – this can be incorporated into the framing of the art as well. Think about the colors you’d like to see more of in your space.

10 Tips for How to Choose Art for Your Home Gallery Wall #gallerywall #buyingart #walldecor

What Kind of Art Do You Like?

When you go to the art museum or a gallery crawl with your friends, what kind of art speaks to you? Do you like photography, oil painting, maybe the textures and transparencies of a watercolor – maybe you like bold typography or black and white drawings. Think back through your memories or take a trip to your local art museum or gallery this weekend. Read those wall labels, Google the artist to learn more about their work and the type of work they make.

10 Tips for How to Choose Art for Your Home Gallery Wall #gallerywall #buyingart #walldecor

What Art Do You Already Have?

Do you already have a few pieces that you admire and can build your collection off of? Maybe there’s a running theme between all of them – color, subject, size, type of art, etc – try to think about how the pieces you own already work together, or don’t. Maybe you need to start from scratch!

10 Tips for How to Choose Art for Your Home Gallery Wall #gallerywall #buyingart #walldecor

Size Matters

Measure your space – be aware of the amount you have to fill. This will help you choose the size of the art you want to buy, and how many pieces you can realistically fit on the wall. Pay attention to measurement options when purchasing a piece of art – whether it be a print that comes in many optional sizes or an original that only comes in one size. Maybe you have a very specific spot you want to fill and want to commission an artist to create an original that exact size. Whatever decision you make, size will play a part for sure!

Athanasius by Siroh & Ivy

Athanasius by Siroh & Ivy

Play with Different Framing Techniques

Play with different framing techniques for the art on your wall. Test it out before putting in hardware. Walking through Michaels or looking for DIY frame ideas on Pinterest can serve up a good dose of inspiration.

10 Tips for How to Choose Art for Your Home Gallery Wall #gallerywall #buyingart #walldecor

Intersperse with Other Wall Decor

Intersperse your art with other wall decor elements, such as floating shelves with books or plants on them, handmade wall hangings, tapestries, mirrors, etc. Get creative with it!

Buy Art You Truly Love

Shop around and don’t compromise on quality. Buy art you truly love from artists you’re invested in. If you’re not sure where to start, maybe start on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. On Instagram you can find art by type, size, or location by using hashtags. Browse some popular hashtags such as #illustration, #oilpainting, #alcoholinkart, #printsforsale, or even hashtags by theme, such as #floralpainting, #typographyart, or #collageart. Follow artists you find interesting, subscribe to their email list for discounts and exclusive member sales.

10 Tips for How to Choose Art for Your Home Gallery Wall #gallerywall #buyingart #walldecor

Look at Other Gallery Walls for Inspiration

Look on Pinterest at other gallery walls for inspiration. You can search by color, theme, or home decor style. Try searching by room type, such as living room, kitchen, staircase, bedroom, etc. You can pretty much find an idea for every blank wall in your home!

DIY That Art!

Are you a DIY-a-holic? Maybe you have a vision for your gallery wall but can’t seem to find pieces out there to fill that vision. Create that art yourself, play with color, size, theme, spacing and framing, and voila! You’ll have your very of DIY wall gallery in no time.

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